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7-in-1 Computer Keyboard Cleaner Brush Kit

1.7-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit: Multifunctional keyboard cleaning brush combines five functions: silicone tip, flannel wipe, flocking sponge, key puller, hair

Aqua Control 2 (450mm/XL)

  • Surface : Non Coating Rougher Amundsen fabric, control
  • Type: Hybrid / Control, Plastic surface feeling
  • Control:high-efficiency moving in playing gaming.
  • Bottom:Non slip rubber.
  • Edge:Lower stitched
  • 4mm thickness, more grip and comfortable
  • Suitable for sweaty hands

Aqua Control Zero

Slow Control Mouse Pad Multiple friction particles Textured micro-weave Honeycomb rubber double anti-slip Washable Revolutionary flat-edge stitching Turn around easily

BlueCat MA Profile Keycaps

125 Keys Blue Cat MA Profile PBT Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboard
Note: This is just the keycap and does not include the keyboard!

CC XDA 131 ikbc PBT cat keycaps


Types: Mechanical Keyboard PBT Keycaps

Material: PBT Plastic

Dye Sublimation

Quantity:131 Keys

XDA Profile,XDAheight

Compatible: 61/64/68/87/96/104/108 keys layout mechanical keyboard

Standard anis layout,the spacebar is 6.25U, please make sure that your original spacebar is 6.25U

(Razer/Logitech/Corsair keyboard,please check the size of the special keycap) Compatible with most Cherry Gateron Kailh Box outemu and all other MX switches mechanical keyboard.

Cherry Profile Double – Shot PBT Full Set Keycaps – Grey, White, and Blue

This keycap set comes with a grey white and blue colorway and it features double-shot legends to provide a comfortable

Cherry Profile Double – Shot PBT Full Set Keycaps – Royal

This keycap set comes with a dark blue and golden colorway and it features double-shot legends to provide a comfortable

Dareu ESP109 – Gaming Mousepads

  • A soft-woven top layer and 3mm thick, the mousepad offers comfortable gaming surface. With 900 x 350 mm dimensions, the huge mousepad is covering across the desk for the keyboard and mouse or even a laptop.
  • A non-slip and shock absorbing rubber base help stand ground in games and long term use.
  • The micro-textured surface is optimized for rapid movement providing smoothness, precision and rapid responsive in gaming sessions.

Dareu x TTC V2 Switch

  • 45pcs per box
  • Gold plated spring 22mm
  • Gold plated leaf
  • Factory Lubed

Double Shot ABS Full Keycap Set

  • Material: Double-Shot ABS
  • Stem: MX style
  • Legend: Backlight does not shine through
  • Profile: OEM
  • Compatible keyboards: Q1, Q2, K2, K4, K6, K8, K10, C1, and C2

Esports Tiger EBA

  • Dimensions- 480mm*400mm*4mm
  • Surface-  Control
  • Non Slip soft rubber with stitched edge

Esports Tiger Grandmaster Green

  • Dimensions- 480mm*400mm*4mm
  • Surface-  Speed
  • SBR High density styrene-butadiene rubber