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METAPHYUNI Metapanda P1 Pro 4KHz Wireless Gaming Mouse



>Flagship PAW3395 Original Phase Sensor.

>Ultra-Fast Response Time.

>Lightweight Ergonomic Design.

>Easy to Use Three-Mode Connectivity.

>Crisp Clicks With Kailh Black Mamba Micro-Motion Switches.

>Anti-Slippery & Sweat absorbing Stickers.

>Comfortable Grip.

>Durable PTFE Feet.

>Exclusive Control With Driver Software.

>Maximum DPI: 26000DPI.

>Number of Buttons: 7.

>Battery Capacity: 500mAh.

>Dimensions: 122.95x65.09x140.98mm.

>Weight: 60 grams.

1 Year Warranty